How to set up 02 app in one device or lock the app

How do I log out and my project still running ?
When I logout , I can access from my second phone.
How do I lock my app on my phone so it doesn’t go back into the setup mode.
can I run 2 separate apps in one device ? Like Pool and Gate control ?



Just don’t logout.

You can do the same without logout.

Just run it and don’t press “stop”. We also have

Yes. You can use Tabs widget for that.

Thanks #Dmitriy
So i always have to have my app open and running ? It kind of odd. It should be a way to just close my app and still running so I could open a user app which wont allows to change setup.

I guess the only way to publish the app with an icon other than Blynk is if I am a set up as a business, correct?

You can close it. Just don’t press STOP button on the project