How to set Mobile App to dark theme

I have managed eventually to find out how to set desktop dashboard to dark theme but cannot find the equivalent setting on the mobile app/dashboard. I am on the plus subscription plan.
Has anyone worked it out?
Only mention in documentation is about developing white label products!

Hey there,

The app dark theme is not implemented yet.

Thanks for prompt reply - I will stop searching. I can’t find a way to change widget background colours either which would be a workaround.

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Check this out

Yes I was thinking of that but it’s a lot of programming to work to fix a bug that I guess should be fixed soon.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature that hasn’t been implemented yet.
A bug is when a feature has been implemented, but it doesn’t work as expected.


I know - it’s just a bug for me when something that worked in the previous version of Blynk is removed (or not yet implemented) and as I am trying to port my applications from old Blynk to new Blynk it makes it harder for my users when anything changes visually…
Anyway I’m very grateful it’s on the roadmap for implementation at some point.
And the web based dashboards are a big plus and reason enough for me to go through all this work.