How to sense ACS712 as 1 or 0 that gives status of a running device to blynk

Regarding my previous post , i am using ACS 712 current sensor so that i can sense a device physically on or off by physical switch. I am unable to implement that . Please give me proper code and diagram to do that. There are many posts but all are soo much like story and no one is to the point answer.i am controlling via two way switch. i just wanna check wheather a device is activated by physical switch and check this status in a led widget by ACS 712, Please give to the point answer

The “to the point answer” is, this is not a code factory.

A quick google search yielded quite a few results that included sample code. Take the workings of that code, and put it in a timer loop. It as simple as that.

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It is not easy to learn without reading and comprehension :wink:

Short story version… Sensor sends analog value in negative to positive range… figure out range with no power flow and with full power flow, then write code to read value and take logical action.

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unable to measure current by acs 712. If i got those value then the next step will be status. help m out in connections to ACS 712

Try SEARching this forum for ACS712 - I have used a couple for a project of my own… reads current (and thus status) just fine.