How to send push notifications in russian or hebrew

Is there a way to sent push notifications with Blynk.notify(); in russian or in english?
Currantly i see gibberish when i try it.

can you provide more detailed explanation

Your issue has nothing to do with your MCU settings in the IDE :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Google Unicode, UTF-8 encoding, etc. and then read the document link again.

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Can someone give me an example please?

As stated in the Documentation… link already provided above…

Unicode in notify, email, push, …
The library handles all strings as UTF8 Unicode. If you’re facing problems, try to print your message to the Serial and see if it works (the terminal should be set to UTF-8 encoding). If it doesn’t work, probably you should read about unicode support of your compiler.

I had to change my IDE language to Russian and reflash my sketch in order to send this notification… and then it came through properly (well I assume it says something :wink: ) on all my English devices.

Now, I need to translate my IDE menus in order to change my IDE back to English :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks you are the best!!!

OK, looks like you just need to load in the extra language support in your computer (I use Win10 and added in Russian and Hebrew) then you can just leave the IDE to System Default.

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