How to Send Phone's Location to Arduino through Blynk

Hey, I am doing a project that needs to measure the distance between my cellphone and an NEO 6M GPS module that connected with Arduino. Currently I have the longitude and latitude readings from my GPS module. I am wondering how I can read my cellphone’s longitude and latitude and then send them to Arduino so that I can calculate the distance. Thanks in advance.

Don’t forget to read through the documentation for all the, otherwise hidden, abilities of Blynk.

It seems I need the GPS Stream Widget on Blynk, but I couldn’t this widget on the app in IOS.

Opps, sorry… another small undocumented issue - @Eugene.

@Darre_Lau Unfortunately I believe GPS streaming is missing in iOS due to some Apple regulated reason.

Oh no!:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:So there is no other way to send my phone’s location to Arduino IDE through Blynk?

GPS widget on iOS is in to-do list.

Do you have an approximate ETA @Eugene ?

Should be soon.
The upcoming major update (already in testing) has Video Streaming widget. The next one is scheduled to have smartphone sensors widgets. Timing depends on workload in between for minor updates and/or business customers requests.


I ran into the same problem as you, did you solve this problem?