How to run cpp program from blynk

Hi everybody. First of all, sorry for my bad english.
I’m really newbie with blynk, so I’m not been able to do something ‘as easy’ as run a cpp program after push a blynk button.
I’m using a Raspberry Pi (b v2), controlling a network of Arduinos with NRF24.
What I’d like it’s to use Blynk app in order to run terminal commands from the raspberry (in my case, cpp programs with instructions for one or more nodes of the network). In fact, I would need to show on the Blink app the answer from the nodes. For example, with the raspberry I can switch on/off the room lights controlled with arduino. I want to use a blynk button to turn light on, asking the raspberry to send a message to the arduino node, and after arduino reported the light is on, display on a blink widget that light is on.
I suppose I could use virtual gpio to do this, but I’m not been able to find how.
Thanks a lot in advance

I would recommend you to start using our Node.js library. The tutorial is here:

Next, I would start looking at something like this:


Thanks a lot. I will have a look.