How to run arduino Sketch when Blynk is not connected to the internet

hi friend.i want arduino Sketch to run when Blynk is not connected to the internet?i am making wifi water boiler control and i added button to manual control the boiler in case internet loss.when internet is loses button stops to work.i cant to turn on or off the boiler,thanks

There has been many topics on this issue already… some are even active right now. Please spend some time searching this forum for key words.


i tried severol.but no result.can you gave me any example

Sorry, I don’t have time to search this forum for you.

It is a popular topic, and there is no lack of existing reference material here. So if you take the time to search this forum, read a few more topics, check out the documentation and try some testing on your end, you just might find what you need :wink:

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