How to run a project automatically when phone is restarted

Hello, I would like to know if there is any way to run a project automatically every time the phone is restarted. I have push notifications and they only work if the project is running.
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There is probably a method of auto starting an App… Google around for that. as that is a phone thing, not a Blynk thing.

Then as long as you last action within the Blynk App was to leave a given project in run mode, it will be so when the App starts.

Project will run even if you restart your phone.

@Pavel I thought certain notifications, timers. etc. required the App to also be “active” AKA started then put in background at minimum? (I can’t recall exact references, but I am sure I have seen some here)

My phones and tablets are always on anyhow so I never notice :stuck_out_tongue:

the project is actually running on the server, not on the phone. you can just start / stop from the phone, but thats all. to receive notifications i think it doesn’t matter if the app is started or not. but someone should correct me if i’m wrong.

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@wanek I think you are on the right track. After some further searching/reading here I think the critical terminology is whether a project was last “active” AKA left in play mode, when App or phone is shut off.

Thanks a lot guys!! You are fully right!! The project keeps running

Nothing special, simply Blynk Magic…

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You’re a wizard Harr… I mean, Pavel