How to reset password for Android?

I installed the BLynkIOT app for Android, but forgot my old login password, so I initiated the Reset Password process via email, but after I was linked to some sort of dashboard from said Reset link, there was no menu or submenu to actually reset the password and obviously I NEED a password just to enter the Android app.

Can someone explain what I’m doing wrong or point me in the correct direction please? TYIA

You just click the
1)forget password
2) type your register email address Blynk will send you the email click the link the link type your new password

The link in the email sends me to the Blynk Cloud dashboard and I can’t find anywhere to change the password.

Click user
After click user you click that 3… Then you will able see the password change option


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Check this out

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I figured it out. I guess it is mandatory that this procedure be done via a smartphone and not a PC. Thank you much for the assistance!

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This procedure can be done via a smartphone.
Once you tap the reset password button, app selection menu will appear where you can choose a browser or Blynk app to open the link.
Probably you’re Android system is set to open all kind of links in a browser instead of apps.
Check those articles please: or settings - Open links in corresponding app instead of browser - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

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The issue is resolved, but when attempting to follow the emailed link, I was on PC and ran into trouble.