How to request a second Auth key


I’ve Blynk
running on a Yun controlled by my iPhone. I’d like to control another board
with my iPhone as well. How do I go by? Do I request another auth key?


Create another project on the iPhone and it will give you another auth key for your new project / board. You can now have unlimited projects / boards providing your Smartphone can handle 100’s of projects.

That’s what I thought but in my app I don’t have (at least I don’t see) a “Create a new
project” option. I can only modify the existing one.

For Android’s and presumably iPhones there are 2 ways of accessing the new projects area.

When an existing project has ‘focus’ click top left icon (it has an arrow pointing from right to left), then press the + icon towards top centre of screen (the + has a circle around it).

If your existing project doesn’t have ‘focus’ then a swipe from right to left on the screen should bring up Create new Project.

The second part did it. It was hiding from me :grin:

Thank you