How to recover QR code of shared project

Hi All.
I lossed QR code of my shared project. How can be to recover it?
Thank You.

Just regenerate/refresh/share it. As long as you didn’t turn the option OFF, it shouldn’t charge extra energy.

Do You mean I shud to push “Generate Link”? Switch Shared Access now is in “On” state.

Do You mean I should to push “Generate Link”? Switch Shared Access now is in “On” state.

@Gunner: Even if you turn the option OFF and ON again, no extra energy is charged.
Energy is only charged once, i.e the first time it is used - even if the app tells a different story.

Thanks to All.
I got QR code - just I pressed “Generate Link” button.

@IBK good to know :+1: … I am a Local Server user since the very beginning so was unsure.

@Gunner: I’ve also been using the “local” version on an ESP server for quite a while.

The details are not that obvious to see. I did PHP webpage to parse the .json file of the profile I’m using to see information like device status and tokens. Works fine for me.

There was another topic about all this… but I meant that as I mostly use my LS and don’t test Sharing on Cloud, I was unsure of the energy charge after turning off the option… But I think it did cost an additional 1000 at one time.

Could be that it has changed in the past versions.
But, currently - from what I see - you “pay” only once.

Somewhere around here they tweaked the “extra charge” message… That was probably what I was thinking of.

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Hi again.
Now I got a new problem. After recovering of QR code I see that device is not connected to Blynk server.
My frend (I shared access to the device for he) can’t to connect to the device and sees message: it is prohibited by the author. But in project setting switch Shared Access is in “On” state. What is not right?
Thank You.

The project has to be actively running (in background is OK) on your phone in-order for it to be availed on the shared device.

Thank You.