How to numeric widget

Hi at all,
i will set over smartphone a variable to start a intern timer on board.
I think the numeric widget was the right thing ???
I found nothing about syntax or example here.
Did you can give me a piece of code or a link where i can find more info about that.

Thankyou uwe

The numeric input widget currently has a bug on the iOS app (not sure if it also affects the Android version - you’d need to check) that causes the number to be sent as each number is entered, rather than the whole number being sent just once.
This will be fixed, but in the meantime if it does affect your OS, you’d need to work around that problem if you wanted to use it - maybe by adding a “go” button widget once the numeric value has been entered.

You might be better using the timer widget:

If you do want to go for the Numeric Input widget then read some of these topics:



Due to the Numeric Input Widget bug @PeteKnight mentioned, I just use the Text Input Widget. I initially process the BLYNK_WRITE param as a string (param.asString()), ensuring each character is a digit. I then process the param as an integer (param.asInt()), performing range-checking and the like.

Note: The Numeric Input Widget accepts non-digit characters and then converts the value to zero (0). I’m not so sure the Numeric Input Widget shouldn’t just ignore non-digit characters.


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