How to migrate my local Blynk Server?

Hello everybody,
I’m using Blynk on a vps since 9 month now without any problems.
But I need to migrate to an another provider ( a more reliable).
Did someone already done it? If so what’s the steps to do it?
I’m using ubuntu 14.04.

Thanks for your help.

Copy the datafolder. That’s it. All your user info, history, projects etc. should be in there :slight_smile:

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I’ll try and let you know.

I just tried this - copied the Blynk/Data directory to my new RPI running 0.17. Logged in and no sign of any of my projects. Not sure what to do next…ideas?

Is it the folder which you specified when starting Blynk server? Cause the Data folder is only a subset of that:

OpenELEC:/var/media/Data2/blynk-files # ls
data                           logs                 
OpenELEC:/var/media/Data2/blynk-files #

You need all the files. The .user file is where your projects reside.

ok, had overlooked that important file :wink: Copied it over to the new RPI and all works well. Thanks.