How to make ESP8266 Shield work full automatically without any effect by router's interruptions

@speed57 yes the ESP has 2 WDT’s, a software and hardware version. Nobody really seems to quite now the difference between the two.

The core version 2.3.0 had bugs relating to working with the WDT so you need to ensure you are on 2.4.0-rc2.

Espressif have the built in WDT’s so you shouldn’t need to do much with it but I guess Atmel have the same for their Arduino chips. WDT for ESP’s normally involves disabling the features as the inbuilt WDT’s (2 off) are from about 2 to 6 seconds and some routines might take longer than this to run.

2 to 6s is a very long time and can normally be countered by including delay(1) / yield() and within your functions.

Can we try to keep this “project” related to the shield system as Blynk already have a working system for ESP’s.