How to make arduino start without internet connection


Whenever i reset my arduino without a internet connection, it just stops everything and waits for internet connection. I want to get around this so other functions can work even if I’m not connected. (Like RTC, swithces, LCD and similar sutff…)

Any suggestions?

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  1. Blynk works over the internet. It’s the app builder for the Internet Of Things
  2. If you’d like your arduino perform some functions when there is no connection, look a the Blynk.connect() – this is what you need. it returns true or false. So you can check from time to time and if it’s not connected perform other routines.
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  1. I want to make it so that Blynk is the last thing that “launches” i my program, so that everything else will work, because right now everything else in my program have to wait for Blynk to get a connection for some reason. I want to make it so that stuff that doesn’t use blynk will launch even if Blynk doesn’t get a connection. I hope you understand me, sorry for bad English.

2.Whenever i use Blynk.connect(), the Arduino just disconnects and reconnects to Blynk server until i remove that part of the program and upload it. (Can this be some kind of flood error?) Anyways, if i actually got it working, i would still have to rewrite 400+lines of code which is the last option in my opinion.

I would make it work in a separate project without rewriting 400 lines of code…

  1. Best way is to create a simple prototype, which will make the basic stuff and will give you an understanding.
  2. Inject what you’ve learned into existing project

@vshymanskyy: we should add info about Blynk.connect() to documentation.

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