How to link two events such as AND condition in Java

I have created two events which are temperature reader and smoke reader, I want to push notification when both conditions is met, but i cannot found the ‘AND’ condition that always been used in JAVA. Anyone know how to connect both conditions as once in Blynk???

Do you really mean Java and not node.js ?

You probably need && which is the logical AND operator in JavaScript.


cuz currently I use 2 reader, which is a smoke reader and temperature reader, as now I wish to push notification to my mobile where both conditions met, for example when temperature higher than 40 AND smoke detector reading is more than 60, only notification will be pushed. But now in Blynk, I can only push single notification for each of the readers separately. How to merge both conditions?

Yes Pete.

Is that a “Yes, you mean Java, and No, you don’t mean node.js”?

If that’s the case, then what Blynk library are you using, and what sort of device are you running the code on?