How to get the IP of the Device (ESP8266 standalone)


I use a standalone ESP8266.
I connect without issues to the blynk cloud and I upload temperature data.

Is there a way to get the IP of the device?


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Use the serial monitor and reset it. Enable Blynk Serial and it will output it’s IP when you start it up.

Maybe you can use the following to send the IP back to your Blynk app.?

WiFi(ESP8266WiFi library)

β€’WiFi.localIP() is for STA, WiFi.softAPIP() is for AP.
. You can see more commands here:

Thank U Roffey

for the record:

String  MyIp;
MyIp =  String(WiFi.localIP()[0]) + "." + String(WiFi.localIP()[2]) + "." + String(WiFi.localIP()[2]) + "." + String(WiFi.localIP()[3]);

String MyIp;
MyIp = String(WiFi.localIP()[0]) + β€œ.” + > String(WiFi.localIP()[1]) + β€œ.” + String(WiFi.localIP()[2]) + β€œ.” + String(WiFi.localIP()[3]);

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