How to get a data value from a Virtual PIN?

Hello, I’m trying to get a data value from my Blynk Android APP, the problem is: I can only get the real data after changing my slider value (clicking on it)… I want to get it when my Blynk connects…

I tried this:


  desp11 = param.asInt();
  // but it always prints 0, even if the value from the slider is != 0, if I press the slider in app,
  // it prints the right value, but I want to get the value before pressing any button.

But it didn’t work

to check if your code is ok, you can make a test with some other widgets, like a button or display widget.

if the value is synced correctly with other widgets, than it could be a bug in blynk. if not, than you have a bug in your code.