How to fix local blynk server admin un pw

I have the local blynk server running fine, but I have lost access to the admin page. I could access the admin webpage fine, then I decided to change the admin login email and pw. I changed the entries in the using config from the admin page. Now I cant login! I am accessing the admin page like this and yes port 9443 is open on router. Now I cant even login via the Blynk app.

Can you help me fix this problem? I am using armbian debian on a orangepi zero.

Addendum… the blynk.log file didnt show anything useful as it was from an old log time. So I manually started the blynk server and saw some errors related to email parameters(address and pw). I had deleted both the email address and pw for gmail in the file. I deleted those also thinking with an open port and open admin account, someone could snatch the gmail un and pw. I added the un and pw back into the file and restarted the server again and then I could sign into the blynk admin webpage with the default admin email and pw.

So…things are working again…but Im back to the original problem how to change the default admin email and pw.

“Manually open json with user you want to make admin and set “isAdmin” to true.”

Where is the json file located? I cant find it.

Searching this forum for keywords like JSON and Local Server would probably have shown you that the file, found in the Blynk folder of your Local Server device IS a JSON format file that stores all your user/project information :wink:

yes I found it. Thanks!

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