How to find out code of shared project

I shared a project an forgot to copy the share code. Can I retrieve the code somehow again?

If you are talking the C++ you wrote and uploaded to your device. The short answer is no.

what I did: I shared the project from one phone to another. and I want to use the share code again. but I don‘t know where to re-use the already existing code.

So you still have it on one phone? Click the box at the top right. Slide left. At the very bottom of that menu is a clone button.

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When you say the share code, do you mean the QR code?

If so, then stop the project in the master device, click the nut icon and click Generate Link. This won’t cost you any energy provided the switch shows sharing as being On.
You should then see the QR code. If it’s blank then you may need to regenerate the code, which will mean using the new code on all shared devices.


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Thank you Pete,
so generating a new share QR-code on the same project of the master device does not cost 1000energy a 2nd time?

I will check that. Thanks! :+1:t3:

I don’t think so.


Thank you Pete, you were right. It does not cost energy a 2nd time. (y)