How to find blynk certificate for tasker

how to find blynk certificate for tasker

While i am sure there are others that probably understand your request… can you expand a bit more on what you are looking for and looking to do?

Meanwhile, and based entirely on a hunch from your use of the word “certificate”, I think you are looking for the SSL certificate from the App so you can emulate commands from it using tasker?? If so, probably not going to happen, since the App is NOT open source :wink:

Nope! :rofl::

In this thread:

@vshymanskyy provided a link to a certificate for Tasker on the Blynk Github site.

I’m not a Tasker user (I don’t even have an Android device), so I have no way of testing this. I’d also read and understand the whole thread before posting any more requests for help as the first post uses the old host, which won’t work now - but this and other issues are explained within the thread.


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