How to distribute my Blynk IOS app?

As a new Blynk user, Iā€™m thinking of creating a simple IOS app which controls a servo and displays some status information.
Once Iā€™m happy with my Blynk app, how do I distribute/publish/share my app with others? Must I publish to the Apple App Store? I hope not :frowning:
Is there a way to point my other users to a website to access my Blynk app?

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Surely, sharing and distribution model is in development. Our goal is to avoid dealing with AppStore)

Thanks for the reply.
So, for now, I am unable to give my IOS Blynk app to anyone else?
Would I have to replicate the app on another device, for now?

The only workaround right now is to share login credentials with another person. Sorry, we are working on that :wink: