How to control your TV or Music system using Blynk, YouTube tutorial

Hello All,

I have just dropped a video tutorial on YouTube to emulate an IR remote using Blynk, please have a look and let me know if you have any queries.

Gaurav Barwalia

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A word of warning to anyone building one of these - this board uses a PCB mounted 240v to 5v module, which means that those green screw terminals, and the PCB contacts and wires connected to them are at mains voltage.
Please take care with your PCB layout, and put the whole thing in an insulated box that will prevent you, or anyone else, accidentally touching this mains wiring.
Don’t rely on your earth leakage device to save you from a fatal electric shock - they don’t work if you form the bridge between both the Line and Neutral connections on the board.

Personally, I’d use a separate 240v to 5v supply adaptor and use a low voltage connector on the board.


Totally agreed.