How to Control Nodemcu ESP8266 with Two or More Mobile Phones


we are developing Nodemcu based automation system that can control from mobile phones via blynk . we are using smartconfig for setup said and password . using blynk app program controller with available wifi network and authentication code. we are successfully done this and we can control nodemcu board with one mobile phone. but we need to access this same nodemuc with another several phones. since authentication code also getting automatically through app ( we use dynamic feature ) we are not able to get this done. please be kind enough to help us with this requirement.

Thank you

I use multiple phones and tablets by the simple nature of using same login info for each, then each sees and controls the same projects seamlessly.

Blynk’s method of Project Sharing might work in a pinch… but is really meant as a means of demonstration, not production like use.

And on that note… if you are developing for larger range use, you may want to look into a commercial plan.