How to control device from outside LAN

Hi all,

I’m using blynk to control a nodemcu, which took me only a couple of minutes to get it to run on my LAN. Now I would like to be able to control it from outside my LAN. Is there a simple way to define a port in a sketch and open that port in my router without having to set up a local server? I have a raspberry pi availible, but since I’m building a this project for a friend who hasn’t got one, I’m looking for a workaround. The information on local servers got me a bit confused, so that’s why I I’m asking here. If I understand correctly, the way I’m using blynk right now the server part is done through my IOS app right? Hope someone can put me on the right track…

For controlling ESP from outside your LAN you need just to have open port on your router - 8442 (in case you will use Blynk Cloud). That’s it.

Port forwarding only needed in case you have local Blynk Server behind your router.

Ah that explains a lot. Thanks!