How to connect to

I can’t connect to Raspberry is trying to connect to the old
What should i do.

Update your library to latest version?

Blynk library? How i do that? Thank you

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Thanks, it’s working.
I have another question now
I want to create a bigger project, a smart house.
When i send a command to a light bulb, it’s possible to receive a confirmation in blynk , the bulb in on or off?

If you are using a relay to turn the bulb on and off Blynk can tell you the state of the relay but not the actual bulb. The bulb may have failed since you last used it. If it is VITAL that you know the state of the bulb you could build light / temperature sensors into your project and Blynk would then tell you if the bulb is on or off.

I guess you could incorporate a current checker in the circuit instead of a light / temperature sensor.