How to connect over usb

Hey I am a newbie at all those things and I want to connect my blynk to arduino over usb but I can’t blynk always says “Arduino UNO is offline” I don’t know what to do please help!!

Hi, did you read comments in sketch?

yeah I try to open “blynkblink” it uploads to the board but when i try to start the program it says arduino uno is offline
and i open the blynk-ser.bat

Well, for USB you need to use another sketch. This one. Please carefully read instructions in comments.

Thank you I will and keep you updated

I did read it and I did connect but how can I light a LED with a virtual button @Dmitriy

First try to light a LED with just a digital signal. Have you did it?

No how can I do that @Dmitriy

but I don’t have an Ethernet Shield can I still do that over USB? @Dmitriy

Hey man thanks for all your support I did it It feels very very good Thanks again for helping taking the first step :smiley: @Dmitriy


@lordofthecards Happy Blynking =)!