How to connect over TCP/IP

I want to use my favorite Data Acquisition System DASYLab together with blynk.

For that I´m asking how to connect over TCP/IP with my shields within my internal network.
Which Port is used and which protocol ?
Is there any documentation available ?

Blynk works over TCP/IP. Port is 8442. Not sure what exactly are you asking for.

Some people have been using Blynk with LabView, so i think this should be possible…


LabView is a programming language and as far as I know is DASYLab written in LabView

The concept behind DASYLab is very close to your blynk thinking.
There will also be bricks that are connected to each other and the bricks will be configured by the user.
So there is no need to understand the programming behind it.
You simple use and build your own virtual measurement devices.

What I want to do is to connect for example a wemos D1 mini pro
And it should send it´s information using the “bridge” to my laptop.

I think I´m able to decode the blyk commands and data transfer within DASYLab .
But because I do not have skills using TCP/IP I do not realy know how the brige connects two devices together
Or lets say I do not know how to setup the DASYLab to receive the data from TCP/IP.

As you see - no one have built a library for DASYLab yet :wink:
It can be a valuable contribution!

BTW, you can look into Node.RED - its’ a bit simpler thing, but completely free.

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