How to connect Blynk Server in JAVA with Intel Edison

I’m a newbies with Blynk, I want to use Blynk in my project with Intel Edison in the Intel® System Studio IoT Edition in JAVA project.
As I’ve tried to find a tutorial for connect Blynk in JAVA with Edison, but i didn’t find some helpful texts.:confounded:
As almost of the texts talking about Bylin is that with IDE Arduino or Node.JS, but someone can help me how to install and use a Blynk library in JAVA as a client with Intel system studio in Java for Control remotely with a smart phone (or how to use Arduino IDE for Blynk and share some data come from JAVA projetct) ? It will be very helpful for my first project IOT. Of cours my Edison board adapted with kit for Arduino.:sweat_smile:

Thanks for your help in advance. :blush: