How to change password of admin / user?

Hi, I want to change the PW of default user
How I do I that ?
It does not work to change the “Pass” field in admin -> users

Thanks, Markus

@MarkusF I remember it being quite difficult or more precisely not very intuitive. From memory you have to create the admin user and then make the password request change in the app (and

Maybe @Dmitriy could just refresh our memories on the precise procedure.

AS you already have admin user you need to remove it from file system.

hi Dmitry

Can you pls explain the steps to change the admin username and password without impacting existing accounts - as its not clear to me and would seem to many others. works in my current setup even though in my I have a different admin email and admin pass word setup.

this is what I have - do I assume 7443 should be 9443 ?



#administration https port
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First way:

  1. Stop server;
  2. Find admin@...user file and remove it;
  3. Manually open json with user you want to make admin and set “isAdmin” to true.
  4. Start server;

If there is no “isAdmin”=true users admin from files will be created.


No longer used.

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thanks worked when I changed following json property in my file from false to true i.e. "isSuperAdmin" : true