How to change label name of Tabs

I use the local server and want to change the Tabs label from hardware.
In normal, I use Blynk.setProperties(pin, label, new_name) but this is a list and I do not know.
Please help, thank you!

	"type": "TABS",
	"id": 71802,
	"x": 0,
	"y": 0,
	"color": 0,
	"width": 8,
	"height": 1,
	"tabId": -1,
	"isEnabled": true,
	"isDefaultColor": false,
	"tabs": [{
		"label": "Tab1"
	}, {
		"label": "Tab2"
	}, {
		"label": "Tab3"
	"bubbleOn": false,
	"textColor": 0

I don’t think you can, since the Tab function is not a widget, it is part of the App’s desktop GUI.

Thank you @Gunner
So I guess also can not change url in VIDEO from hardware?

“type”: “VIDEO”,
“id”: 21636,
“x”: 0,
“y”: 23,
“color”: 0,
“width”: 8,
“height”: 4,
“tabId”: 0,
“isEnabled”: true,
“isDefaultColor”: false,
“url”: “rtsp_video_url”

I have never tried… but I don’t think so, even though it IS a widget. That said, many widgets do not allow all facets of control via code, so that is NOT uncommon.

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