How to build sensors with NRF24 that works on blynk

Hi all
I see a lot of example, but all of them are on ESP8266

My goal is to run some basic sensors, for domotic purpose, with the Arduino micro (modded) + NRF24.

ESP8266 is easy, but seems to power angry to run on battery

do you have some basic example sketch?

I did something with that, there is some info here

Let me know if you need more :slight_smile:

I have already appreciated your work :slight_smile:
What I need is a sketch similar to "esp8266 standalone " to work on basic arduino+nrf24 battery sensor for domotic purposes. (mysensors’style)

Well, you always need some sort of network connectivity for this of course. How do you plan on doing that? NRF can’t do TCP/IP.

my idea is to have an ethernet gateway that receive data from many sensors based on NRF24

Like with my trains …

It uses one gateway, wifi in this case, to gather/send all data. So the basic principle should be the same. In my solution it’s called “the Controller”. I send data from the controller, but it should work well the other way around too.

yes, similar but with ethernet instead of esp8266. Do you think it’s possible use code of mysensors?

I think it’s the only way if you want your sensors on a battery with a decent life!

esp take a lot of battery while running and the time that it should stay on is too much

Of course it will work. I’d suggest you start small with 1 NRF (well, two, on both sides) and see how that goes. Ethernet and Arduino’s work fine together, I use that too. It’s really stable.

Could NRF24 work alone? I mean for example to do simultaneus smarts switches only with a nrf24 and a relay, and everyone of them communicates via ef with “the brain”, and Arduino Mega with another nrf24

No, you always need something to control the NRF transmitter. E.g. an Arduino, Raspberry Pi or something which can be programmed with Blynk (even an ESP would do, I don’t know why you would, but you could I guess).

So, if posible to make a whole domotic proyect with the brain (arduino mega + shield / esp8266nodemcu) and individual wireless nodes only with ESP8266-01 and relays / sensors?

I mean, is commercially achievable to perfom a domotic system only with esp8266?

Yes. The ESP is a wonderful platform for building IoT domotic solutions. Check out things like the Wemos D1. Those things are just superhandy, cheap and you can achieve a lot with them.

Thanks for your advise!!

Which is the main diference between esp8266 nodemcu (12e) and wemos D1?

I have a little experience working with the esp8266 nodemcu and Blynk (blinking leds, reading dht and ultrasonic sensors).

Who is teh best way to make a node system beetwen esp8266-01 (nodes / smart switches) and esp8266NODEMCU as the brain?

My idea is connect every node (esp8266-01) with the brain (esp8266NODEMCU) which will be the interface with Blynk Server.

if you use esp8266 why send all to a gateway like another esp8266 and not directly online using onboard wifi?

instead of NRF24 you could use Lo-Ra that now is more cheaper than some months ago. And is much more reliable

So is possible to add multiple devices esp8266 to the same app in Blynk?

My idea is from only one app control every esp8266 with his respective sensor, for example have control over smart switches, temperature, pumps, pir sensors.