How many are we?

Hi all,

I was really curious to know how many we are to use Blynk…
I guess this is not an info we can easily get but I would really be glad to know we are a LOT …

Maybe someone from the team could give us an idea?


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Google says 50,000 android downloads :slight_smile:

Probably a lot, seeing the attention Blynk gets everywhere. I think the guys from Blynk can give us amounts of how much their cloud service is being used, but there are a lot of people who, like me, use a local server. That can’t really be accounted for.

Yes, there are a lot of us! For now I can say there are 4000+ of very active users…
And there much, much more people that know and recognize us.
Thousands of projects are built with Blynk, and some are already commercialized!

But there could be many more! :wink:

If you like Blynk, spread the word, post your impressions on social networks, and tell your friends!
We would really appreciate that.

I know that some commercial projects are probably shrouded in confidentiality, etc., but I hope at some point some commercial customer might come forward and do a little show and tell. I know what I’ve scraped together, but I’d be interested to see what some larger dev teams pull off (whether it be actual app usage or backend stuff). Or even just one person businesses!