How many apps can be publish whit startup plan?

Hi there! How many apps can be publish whit startup plan?

Need to do 2 apps for the same project.

  • Client app
  • Control app

Client app is only connect one auth token
**Control app setup for every device auth token

Why would you need Blynk for all the data collection devices? Just run basic Arduino code and feed all that… (perhaps via I2C or Serial with something like EasyTransfer)… to a single Blynk MCU that sends the data to the Client app.

As for any Business Plan questions like cost, quotes etc… send a request from here…

Thanks for your answer.
What happens is that all arduinos are in different places in my city, so I hope connect it through blynk.bridge to communicate the data to the collector.

I need that arduino data can be modified by a third party (app controler) so that the client only visualizes the data (app client) of the main data collector.

Hi Alejandro,

Here is an article how it all works for businesses:

Thank you!
I read the part of products that would be something similar to what I was looking for but I do not know how much it could be like what I’m looking for.
What I have the most doubt about is how many apps can be published.
Imagine that it is like the Uber app (although the idea is not the same) … it has two applications … one control and one client.

OK… well, depending on your data collection needs, perhaps simple RESTfull API or even Node-Red processes running on effectively unlimited devices, all sending their data to a single Blynk based device for processing and client App.

Yep, Node-Red is the way I’d do it, provided that you’re not breaching Blynk’s T’s & C’s by using it for commercial gain.


You can publish as many as you want. Every new app is a new subscription.
Depending on your use case and business model we can find the optimal solution and plan for you.

Again, this question is also covered in the article I sent you.

Thanks Pavel and community.
I think I will make a better plan than what I intend as a project to be able to contact you about my concerns and possibilities with Blynk plans.

It’s something similar to Smart Cities now that I see the page again, applied in my city to help with vehicular congestion.

I will also explore Node-red, I don´t know about that system.