How frequent are the Eventor events checked?

Eventor is great,

But I did not find the information on how often the events programmed in the eventor are checked.

@jacquesBBB Eventor currently has many limitations and you might want to consider OTA updates as an alternative.

From the docs:

NOTE : Events are triggered only once when the condition is met. However there is one exclusion: Let’s consider simple event as above if (temperature > 40) send notification. When temperature goes beyond 40 threshold - notification action is triggered. If temperature continues to stay above the 40 threshold no actions will be triggered. But if temperature goes below threshold and then passes it again - notification will be sent again (there is no 15 sec limit on Eventor notifications).

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In addition to @Costas answer - as soon as they arrive.


I understand now. So I need in fact to send back the information to the
hardware in order to use it repeatedly.