How do i set virtual pin output RGB strip

using the rgb zebra, want to connect the strip via one pin how do i set 3 colors to one pin, so i can put the v1 output on gpio1

Unfortunately that is not going to work. Assuming the RGB strip is a fully programmable Neopixel one, then it will need a library for that digital control pin, and then you will need to develop a bunch of code to convert the zeRGBa output into something the library can work with.

Search this forum for keywords like RGB, NeoPixel, FastLED, WS2812B, etc.

but for a digital led strip you have onlyone inputsoin blynk zergbra you have tomerge the rgb how do i set the v pin i use to a certain GPIO

Yes, and it expects a very specific group of instructions to control the addressing, colour and intensity of each individual RGB LED. You will NOT be able to control it from a simple range of integers, as is sent from the zeRGBa, as you could with a simple 4 pin RGB LED hooked up to three PWM pins (and PWR or GND) on an Arduino, etc.

You MUST use a suitable library like Adafruit’s NeoPixel or FastLED, etc. Look up the model of your RGB strip and Google that for further instructions.

As far as virtual pins go, you DON’T “set them to a GPIO”, you utilize them as instructed in the documentation, and then within those control functions you control the GPIO as normal with commands like digitalWrite() etc.

ah now i get it thx for the help!