How do I download last 12 months report


I have the PRO plan which says 12 months historical data ( I upgraded from plus plan).

Only when I download a report the longest period I can select is 3 months.

How can I download last 12 months data?


Looks like a bug, or a “yet to be implemented feature” :smiley:

@Dmitriy - one for you I guess.

The website does say…

but the Generate Report dialogue only allows “Last 3 months” as the maximum.

Also, it would be nice to see a “Custom Range” in there, in the same way as the web graph widget…


At the moment the raw data is stored for 3 months. The aggregated data is stored for 12 months. In order to download the data for 12 months you need to select “avg” aggregation type.

That doesn’t work for me, I sill only get the “24 hour”, “Last Week”, “Last Month” and “Last 3 Months” options in the time range and choosing “Last 3 Months” of aggregated data gives me just the last 3 months.


That is not what I expected from reading the pricing options.

I have datastreams that cannot be aggregated (these are enumerated values) and do want to keep track of over a longer period than 3 months.

And for instance I also keep track of the nr of relay clicks for maintenance purposes, these also cannot be aggregated.

Certainly for the price of the PRO license of almost 500 dollars per year I would expect (also raw) data to be retained for a longer period of time. (even the 12 months is a rather short period).

Would be a pity and wast of money and resources if I have to setup a separate database for this…
And more important I would prefer keeping it all centralized within Blynk.

Anybody else has these kind of requirements? If yes how do you handle this?

Sorry for this inconvenience.
We’re fixing this UI bug and improving the Generate Report modal window currently.
The fix will be available after the next deployment. We’ll inform you here once it’s done.


hi it would also be great if there’s a timeline proposed with this UI bug. In addition if this is only a UI bug, does it mean I can use the APIs to access the data of the last 12 months?

Hi. I have a Plus plan and have always been able to download the last 3 months data but when I tried today the 3 months option has disappeared and the most I can download is the last month. The plus plan says 3 months of historic data. Is this a bug in the UI?

While generating report, expand Advanced Settings and set Data Aggregation to be at least 1 minute – doing so will let you access options larger than Last month, depending on your subscription plan.
This flow will be improved later.