How do I avoid the Webhooks widget to be displayed in my final app?

Hi there,

I just have started using you app and I think it is just great!

It just surprised me that when I add a Webhooks widget, there is no option to hide it when, for example the app is running… I mean, it is useful to have the widget when editing the project, but then, when I start the app, I would like to see only the relevant things to the end user. Am I missing something? Is there any way I can hide them?

Thanks in advance!!

Sure, stick them on another Tab (I call mine a Holding Cell) or scroll further down on the screen and place them there.

Remember, this is the free development side of Blynk… If you want a cleaned up production App, then that can be handled on the business side of your App development. -

Hi @rsappia

All these widgets will be hidden from your published app.