How do I add my Aircon IR codes to Blynk

Hi all,

I have my IR codes (midea air conditioner -> )

How do I add this to blynk programming? I have all the components required and I can’t find simple step by step instructions to set this up properly. I have looked all over the web!

I plan to use another Nodemcu - my other one has worked flawlessly for over a year (controlling door & gate)

You are not likely to find “step-by-step” instructions… primarily since your setup will be unique.

As for Blynkifying that sketch, well… since you seem to have some experience with other functional Blynk projects. Take this one and break it down into chunks that can be called with timers, add in the Blynk libraries and proceed to test, refine, test, etc. as “normal”. This is NOT something we do here for you.

Sorry, I don’t get understand - what does this forum do?
Isn’t it blynk related if I want to control this IR code from Blynk?

We help you learn how Blynk works (not teach you to code), assist with Blynk command syntax, encourage others by sharing our projects and ideas, etc.

As for your issue… closer inspection shows it to be a library of it’s own… so if you really can’t make your own program, then search this forum for other Aircon, temperature control topics, borrow any example sketches, learn how they work, add in this library and learn how to implement it.

PS “Blynk related” means as in the infrastructure of Blynk… not “Hey I want to use Blynk to make coffee, thus I should be offered hands on assistance wiring up my coffee maker” :stuck_out_tongue:

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The procedure is always to make your project work without Blynk first.
The wider internet including Arduino and ESP forums are for this.

Then having read all the Blynk docs and done a few of the basic “flash an LED over the internet” Blynk examples you set about making your regular project super cool with Blynk.

At this point if you are struggling to set your project up with Blynk, ask for assistance on specific problems you have. This site is packed with useful information but it’s down to you to collate the info.

Do also remember that some projects are destined to be commercial products and you can’t expect someone that has spent months building a project to simply hand it over to you.

Some Blynkers are prepared to do this and you will find many completed projects in the relevant section. Spend time working through these projects and you will learn quickly.

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That’s my problem - time

Who wants to create this for me? How much do you charge?

Could you clarify this point, you don’t have much spare time or the project needs to be finished very quickly?

Normally we would be pleased to quote you for the work required and our rates are very reasonable but we are a little busy launching our latest product at the moment.

re costaki, I’m joking. I just don’t have the patience re gamoto :slight_smile:


no offense or anything, but if you do not have patience for your own project, then why do you expect a stranger to have more patience than you? this is a bit controversial thinking…

if you expect any help, first you should show at least some effort from your side, how did you tried to solve the problem and where it did failed.


…have to drive my Ferrari.

Can anyone recommend a company that can help with a similar problem?

The reality is that unless you can ship whatever device(s) it is you want to control to the person who will be writing the code, it will be impossible for them to work on or test the project.

If that isn’t practical, and you have no coding experience then your options are probably:

  1. find someone local to you who can do the work
  2. learn to code yourself (and having a real-world project to work on is a great way to start)
  3. find someone who has the identical device(s) and get them to do the work for you
  4. find a project that has already been published which uses the exact same device(s) and use that - either as a finished project, or as a starting point for option (2)


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