How can we save temperature and humidity data

Hello, I have a temperature and humidity project, but I want to save the data every month in an excel file. Is this available in blynk iot? Is the temperature and humidity recorded with the time and date?

It depends on the type of Blynk subscription you have.
One option is to simply manually export the data for the last month and paste it into your Excel spreadsheet.

A more elegant solution might be to write the data out to Google Sheets using an API call.

A third option is to use Node-Red and store the data in a local database, or use a plug-ins to export the data google sheets.



Thank you Pete for the clarification. I do not want complications. I subscribe to the Plus 10 devices plan. I will upgrade to 20 devices. I will look for the simplest way to pull the data so that it will be perfect Thank you again