How can I use Blynk webhook to connect to a IFTTT service to control my Sonoff devices? Which IFTTT service can Blynk connect to and how can it be done?

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void loop()

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Are you using a standard Sonoff, or one that you’ve re-flashed with your own code?



keep it in mind next time; first time I post something on this platform.

I use standard Sonoff equipment, no need yet to flash it to Tasmota software; Sonoff does what it supposed to do.

I put my request a bit to early I am afraid; I just found out on youtube I could control Blynk with the webhooks service on the IFTTT platform.
I am just wondering where I could find the Blynk token again on my running application. I suppose I can start all over again in Blynk and request a new token.


Is it “normal” to put all your questions and details in a title in other platforms?? I don’t think so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can stop the project, click on the nut icon, click onto your DEVICES options all the way until you see the last few characters of your AUTH, then click on EMAIL to resend it to yourself… or long press on it (the AUTH) to copy it to your phone’s clipboard.

It should have been emailed to you when you created your project. You can get it emailed again by stopping your project (square button top left), hit the nut icon and scroll down. You’ll see your Auth code and if you hit the email button it will be sent to the email address used when you registered your account.

If you’re setting up an IFTT recipe to send data to the Blynk cloud server then you need to use the IP address that you get when you ping rather than using the url.