How can I get Blynk to report data from I2C

Hi All

Yesterday I built a simple Temperature, Barometric Pressure and Altitude monitor on the Arduino using the BMP280 sensor. I am about to attempt to replicate this using my NodeMCU ESP8266 board and want to create a Blynk project with three guages on my iPhone - one for each of the variables.

The thing is, the BMP280 uses I2C and therefore doesn’t output each of the variables on separate pins.

How do I set up Blynk on the iPhone to read the three variables on an I2C sensor please?


You could store the values received from the sensors as a variable, and then do a Blynk.virtualWrite to pass the value to a virtual pin. Then create a gauge for that virtual pin.

For example:

temperature = bmp.readTemperature();
Blynk.virualWrite(V1, temperature) //send temperature value to virtual pin 1; add gauge to app & assign to virtual pin 1

@theMusicMan This is where you would use those virtual pins I referenced in another thread… you will need to read up on how they are used in the Help Center and try out some of the examples provided in the Sketch Builder.

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