How can I filter search-results to Blynk IoT?

I want to use Blynk IoT as it is the successor of Blynk legacy.
Blynk legacy seems easier to use but as Blynk does NOT say when Blynk legacy is taken offline
I decided to start with Blynk IoT. Saying NO expirationdate for Blynk Legacy is even worse than saying any date. (Without saying any date it could be next month).

The “getting started”-things I have tried so far did not answer my questions.
So I tried to use the search-function of the
Most hits show postings that are related to the old Blynk legacy system.

So how can I filter the search-results only show postings related to Blynk IoT?

best regards Stefan

Unfortunately, you can’t.
There is a Blynk 2.0 category, but this is often changed to Solved. There is also a Blynk20 tag, but not all Blynk 2.0 topics are tagged this way. Categories and tags can be used as filters in the advanced search.