How about sending an email warning there’s a big upgrade planned😬

Hands up the following happened to me because I was impatient.
I’m currently part of the beta test group. I went to the iOS app to check my chilli grow room yesterday afternoon only to be greeted with you don’t have permission to log on see administrator or similar message so basically locked out. Ok check Blynk 360 web dashboard,some of my details were there but I couldn’t do anything other than look.
After messing about trying to log on,register as a different user with another email address totally it screwed everything up and everything disappeared. A few hours later totally ready to dump Blynk everything came back to life BUT I had to create everything from scratch!!
Why didn’t we all receive a warning email? Surely there would be virtually no cost in time or money to do this

So you’re using the Blynk 360 beta for a “mission critical” project?

I approached the beta testing from the point of view that everything I did would be lost/thrown away at some point. It certainly never went anywhere near my live “Production” environment.

Have you seen the warnings that from 25th June you will only be able to use 1 device with the Blynk 360 system unless you either pay $4.99 per month to upgrade, or pay to add additional devices at $4.99 to add additional devices to the free system?


Far from a critical project @PeteKnight as I have access to the room which has numerous cheap battery operated digital devices displaying all the readings I need to see, I’ve taken the beta test at face value and just been tinkering.
Yes I saw the warnings re 25th June and thought was a good idea adding a banner to the app and web page,shame they didn’t do a banner warning of an impending update :wink:.
I’m very impressed so far and only ever have 1 or 2 projects on the go so $4.99 is very reasonable.
As I stated and most here probably agree that the lack of communication from the Blynk team is a little frustrating even considering they’re probably flat out busy…

This probably happened due to GeoDNS deployment.
@Dmitriy can you please confirm/comment on this?