Home monitoring

I am new to Blynk and having fun! Kudos to Pavel and team for what they have done so far!

My project is still in its infancy (only a few days into it), but here is what I have and what I intend to do:


  • Arduino Uno R3
  • Ethernet shield
  • 9V power supply for Arduino connected to UPS


  • DHT11 for temperature and humidity (interior is working, exterior yet to be installed)
  • Magnetic reed switch for monitoring garage door open/closed
  • Future magnetic reed switches in kitchen and main door to monitor if locked/unlocked. Not an easy installation because I need to get the switch inside the frame
  • A 5V transformer with a voltage divider to supply about 1.6V to the Arduino - then converted to about 120V in the sketch for easier read out

We frequently go away for the weekend or longer and want to have a way to monitor whether there is a power outage so we can report for repairs. Our house is the only one fed by a particular transformer and we have been the only ones affected during storms in more than one occasion. Nobody else reports it, it does not get repaired. Also, as someone else posted, in many occasions we get up in the morning to realize we left the garage door open all night. Want to monitor whether open or closed. Same for the locks on main door and kitchen door.

Temperature and humidity (both internal and external) are just nice to have, and I already had a couple of DHT11s.

Still a work in progress, but this is what my Blynk project looks like on the iPhone:

The graph at the bottom shows bars when garage door is open. The middle historical graph is great, but having three different scales makes it somewhat difficult to read.


Very interesting, I can imagine you want to monitor stuff living where you do. I have one, maybe silly, question, why do you use a graph to monitor your garage door? That seems like a waste of valuable dashboard space.Isn’t a LED enough? You could even add a notice with a timer module after a certain time has expired, let’s say 10PM and the door is still open.

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You are right that the graph is a waste of space, but I have nothing else to populate it with yet. I guess eventually it will be replaced with other functions, as I already have the LED for the garage door and will implement the timer and notice as suggested