History Graph Strange Behavior

Hi Blynkers, @BlynkAndroidDev
I think this issue has never been reported, if yes… sorry for that…:sweat_smile:
Please, see the screenshots:

(Android User, LG G3, APP version 1.13.2)

The size for “Erase data” and “Export to CSV” is too big:

The “Erase data” has gone somewhere…

If you press “Stop” while you see “Erase data” option (theorically “Erase data” and “Export to CSV”), once you press “Play” again both graphs are mixed:


@psoro Issue with a button left on the graph is fixed - we plan to release some bug fixes soon. But we haven’t seen the missed and cropped ‘erase data’ button - we’ll work on it, probably, it would be fixed with the next release build too. Thanks for your report!

Thanks to your fast reaction @BlynkAndroidDev!!

I’m waiting new release, I’m sure it’s plenty of new functions!