History graph showing wrong values


For some reason the History Graph widget is not displaying the correct data. I am running Blynk App on iOS.
I have a Label widget setup on V12 with the label “/pin.#/”

The actual value has been oscillating between 3.9 and 4.1 but the History Graph shows nothing and has a strange Y axis value. I have tried “erasing” the data in the widget but that does not seem to help.

Please see video

Vimeo Video


Hello. From video not clear what is wrong. Please read this http://docs.blynk.cc/#widgets-displays-history-graph regarding graph work.


Well from the Video you can see that the actual cell voltage is 3.9

When you look at the history graph.

  1. You see no line (no data plotted)
  2. The Y axis is showing values which are completely off, the range is wrong considering that the label for V12 is showing 3.9


Exactly, on video - graph with 1d granularity that gives me nothing as you showing current value as 3.9. 1d values updated once per hour. You need to show 1h/6h history graph.

OK. I will let it run for a while and report on my findings.

I certainly dont understand this graph and why I have data for a full 6h but then for the 1h view it seems plots are missing…

This bug should be fixed in next iOS release. Thank you for reporting and sorry for inconveniences.