History Graph not working

Hey guys,
I have Trouble using the history graph. Already updated blynk-server to 0.8.1.
It just doesn’t Show any data.Maybe I am doing something wrong?

Hope you can help

How much time have passed? Wait for a couple of hours to see the data.

Thanks, did not know that :grinning:

Later we will add 1 minute granullarity so you could get data every minute

I made temp. and humidity monitoring as DHT22 sensor.
Temp data is started 27 celsius and Humidity data is started 48%.
so, y axis value of history graph widget is showed from 20 to 50.
after 1 hour, Temp data is changed 25 celsius and Humidity data is changed 52%.
but y axis value is not updated. so humidity data can not see over 50%.
Do you show me update method of y axis value?

It is working. But this is just a representation bug. It is already fixed. Will be available in next update.