History Graph not Drawing when Value is Constant


I use the history graph to check the status of an Led which has two values 0 and 255. If the led is enabled or disabled for long time (no changes), the history line doesn’t keep drawing the line at that value. This is an issue for real time tracking (mostly in 1h frame), when the value changes again, the graph will connect all values again.

– on
_ off
# non visible off value


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P.S. Also note, that i don’t send data from hardware to blynk server when the state didn’t change.

And that is the key… no data no graph. In a sense that is very accurate this way as it indicates the lack of data (device sleep, disconnection, etc.) as well as the value of data.

If you send regular data, you will see the line, even of data is 0

Ok, I thought to save sending redundant data over network, but it seems its not so redundant at all.

Thanks for the input.