HISTORY display

Not sure if this is a bug? I have an Android App - running well, monitoring inside and outside temperature, battery voltage and humidity - and displaying on indicators- I can see them change and the log files are up to date.

But the history readout which started at 1pm yesterday and ran through the day, stops at 10pm last night - no further readings - I’ve stopped the app and started it… moved from day to week etc on the history chart - makes no difference it will not go past 10pm last night?

Any ideas?


Is there is a chance that your sensors stop working or were disconnected? Local server?


I just checked - it has now caught up - no, I was watching the sensors updating this morning… when I say it has now caught up - the display on DAY says it us up to 9am (it is 11.09) but the 6 HOUR display is up to date at nearly 11am. Go back to the 1D display and it shows only until 9am…

Please post screenshot it could be a cropping issue.

Erm… not sure how to include screenshots in here…

I don’t know either =). You could just post link to any source. I just want make sure this is a cropping issue we have on some devices. (please post 2 screens for 6h and 1d).

There you go… http://tech.scargill.net/blynk-graphing/

Thank you. Yeap this is very strange. Is there any chance your hardware wasn’t connected at that time to server? If possible please attach your log files for that day so we could analyze them (there is no personal info except email).